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Pc Matic Review -PC Matic is a Great Utility Tool

PC Pitstop has packaged a great computer cleaning software tool for the average user that frequently surfs the internet. As you know browsing online makes your computer vulnerable to all kinds of nasty invaders. Their tool, PC Matic, is easy to use and can safely upgrade, update, renew and fix errors and corrupted system files.

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PC Matic Cleans, Updates & Protects

Sluggish computers are usually a sign of some type of problem, commonly a virus or Trojan is creating havoc on your system. What is needed is a utility tool that will clean out any malware or spyware and protect your system from future attacks. The Exterminate module in PC Matic does an excellent job of eradicating malware. Once downloaded and installed, PC Matic will run scans weekly and send a full report.

Boost Computer Speed with PC Matic

There is nothing worse than trying to complete a project that needs to get done quickly on a slow computer. Because PC Matic will perform a regular maintenance check it will keep your computer running faster and more efficiently.

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PC Matic is not only simple to use but it is safe and secure as well. 

  • It will enhance your computer’s performance
  • Remove junk files and do registry fixes.
  • All this gives you a much more stable and reliable computer.

The PC Matic Package Can Do the Following:

  • Defrag Disks
  • Cleans the Registry
  • Update Your Drivers
  • Remove Junk Files
  • Optimize the Broadband
  • Offer Security Protection
  • Removes Unnecessary Start up applications
  • Services & Accelerates Downloads.

PC Matic has been designed and created by PC Pitstop, a well known and trusted company. This program delivers what it promises which is: Speed, security and stability for your computer. You want a program that you know your wife, children or grandchildren can use and not have to worry about it crashing in the middle of a project due to some type of virus or other annoying invasive program.

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 Modules Included In PC Matic

PC Matic Includes the Following Modules:


Optimize will allow you to get the most out of your PC by resolving many of the issues that plague so many computers today. It will tremendously boost your computer’s overall performance. It is an intuitive program that is easy to install and easy to use.

Disk MD:

Due to the fact that files are constantly being written and deleted from your hard drive your disk can become extremely fragmented. This decreases the speed at which your computer can read files, thus slowing it down immensely. Disk MD walks you through the process of defragging your computer that will help to increase your computer’s performance.

Driver Alert:

This is a great tool that is simple to use with help buttons to direct you step-by-step through each process. It will automatically download and install drivers, schedule regular scans of all of your PC’s on any PC from any PC. You will receive a monthly report on all your drivers.


The title of this module is very accurate! It will find and eliminate your computer’s worst invaders, from Spyware, Malware, Cookies to Viruses. It will quickly scan and give you a list and assessment of the dangers that are currently a threat to your computer’s overall security and performance.


Overdrive offers a complete scan of all areas of computer. It will then, in a matter of minutes, provide a complete report on the current performance and security status of your PC.

PC Matic Is For Newbies

If you are not tech savvy this program is for you. It will quickly and easily add speed, security, and stability for you and your family as you work on programs, projects, graphics or simply browse or surf the internet.

It is a shame that we need a program such as PC Matic. There are so many types of malicious viruses and Trojans just waiting to invade your PC and create havoc. It can destroy several hours of valuable work and precious graphics or photos in just seconds. Get the protection you need at a cost effective price.


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After you have read this PC Matic review and compare PC Matic with other types of computer cleaning applicataion software, you discover why consumers who have purchased this program are completely satisfied. After downloading this invaluable program you will also discover how well it works and the ability it has to keep your computer running faster and at the same time protect it from costly and time consuming invaders.

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